Time Management for ADHD Adults

ADHD adults are typically challenged by completing tasks and especially completing tasks ‘on time’. We’ll discuss this further in an upcoming class but here are a few tips that may help you to get started.

1. Start by asking yourself    

  • How important is this task to YOU?    
  • How important is it to YOU that you complete it? I recommend a scale of 1-10; [10 = High]. If the task is a #7 or below it’s not likely you’ll get done (on time).

2. Plan your time ‘realistically’. Establish a goal or deadline for completion of your tasks/project. Question: Is your intended date for completion realistic? Do yourself a favor and add extra time (days/hours) to complete your project. 3. Use an A, B, C Prioritization system.

  • First of all, make a list of ALL your things TO DO (related to this task/project).
  • Next, on the left hand column of your list, place the letter “A” next to every task that is both IMPORTANT and URGENT.
  • Next place a “B” next to every task that is IMPORTANT but not “urgent”.
  • Finally, place a “C” next to each item that is neither “important” nor “urgent”.
  • Now return to your “A’s” and number them from 1-10 in order of MOST IMPORTANT and MOST URGENT.
  • Now start with your “A-1” until completed. Then move to “A-2”.
  • Update this prioritization process EVERY DAY as some items will increase or decrease in their level importance and urgency.

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