Holiday ADHD Stress:

As if the ADHD adult doesn’t have enough stress to contend with, consider the potential added stresses of the holiday season. For some, the holiday season is both joyous and stimulating. Yet others of us may already be struggling to manage our current pre-holiday “To Do” list.

So consider the potential additional challenges for the ADHD adult faced with tending to the seasonal tasks of holiday shopping and contending with the hoards of ‘friendly” shoppers. But wait! There’s more: Don’t forget the gift wrapping and possible looming deadlines for shipping. Do I hear the sounds of stress and rising blood pressure?  

Here are some hints to support you:  

Plan:  There is a well know adage that say’s, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”. 

  1. Take time to put your “To DO” list on paper. Get it out of your head!
  2. Create a time line using a calendar. What’s due by when?
  3. Prioritize your list. What’s most important and most urgent?
  4.  At the end of each day – review your ‘TO DO’ List and cross out all those tasks that you managed to complete for the day.
  5. Next, add those additional tasks that you completed that were not on the original TO DO list and cross those off as well.
  6. I know it sounds redundant but be sure to make a new ‘TO Do” list every day.

Be Gentle to Yourself. I recently heard someone say, “It’s hard to move forward while you’re kicking yourself in the butt”. Be gentle with yourself. Do the best you can and be aware to not judge yourself if you didn’t complete as much as you had intended.

Take time to enjoy the holiday season.

  1. Spend quality time with friends
  2. Take time to exercise regularly. It’s good for your body and reduces stress.
  3. Eat healthy and mindfully …slow down.
  4. Speaking of slowing down, try meditation, yoga, deep and gently breathing and relaxation.

Celebrate your successes and your holiday season.

 ~ May your holiday season be filled with joy, happiness and gentleness.  

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