Good News . . .

I entered the New Year ‘bound and determined’ and armed with my new success goals for 2008. With this attitude it was also clear to me that this was an opportunity to readdress some incomplete goal tasks from 2007.


Not long after creating this blogsite I ran into some significant design and site challenges that I’ve been unable to resolve on my own. Nor have I been successful in finding someone to help me resolve the issues. Meanwhile, I’ve been sitting on plans to update this site, add new pages, add some bells and whistles and more. 

Now for the good news… (drum roll)… Following a determined one week search for a technical virtual assistant I’ve finally found the right person. In fact, the work is being conducted as we speak, in the background, so you won’t notice any immediate changes. However once Sarah completes her work this week, I will have access to tools that will allow me to add several NEW features to this site.

Hooray!  …Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? Stay tuned for an exciting new look to this site.

Are looking for a VA for your blog, I now have an excellent recommendation. You can find Sarah Lewis, Blogging Guru at .


My thoughts… Moving into 2008

What results will you create in 2008 ?

It’s now official, we are in the year 2008 and I am reminded of the most common question that arises with every New Year. “Have you made your New Years Resolutions yet?” Now doesn’t that question conjure up positive and successful memories? Of course not! Research shows us that most people lack the true ‘resolve’ to actually achieve a New Years Resolution. By definition, “a New Year’s Resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous”.

In my coach training program, we learned that people tend to be unsuccessful at achieving their goals and resolutions simply because most people consider it just another ‘good idea’. It’s rare for a ‘good idea’ to actually become reality because there is a lack of true commitment. Furthermore, those few ‘good ideas’ that do become a reality generally don’t last very long, again from lack of drive and commitment.

A new BMO Financial Group study conducted by Angus Reid Strategies says nearly all Canadians (about 96 per cent) make a resolution at the start of a new calendar year. The study suggests more resolutions would be kept if Canadians committed to creating a plan. It said nearly two-thirds of respondents believe developing an action plan or receiving professional assistance would help them achieve their goals.

Then there is judgment. I decided to add a single page insert to my 2007 Christmas cards. After avoiding the task for a few weeks, I finally sat and began to write my insert – a capsulation of my life in 2007. As I wrote I quickly realized the source of my discomfort and avoidance of this task. As I summarized the year I had  wanted to ‘evaluate and judge’ my successes and failures of 2007. Ouch! Not the approach I wanted to create for myself.

As a Coach I stress that “YOU are not your results”. Your results are simply your results. In coaching, there is no judgment. No judgment about you; no judgment about your results. And as you may have noticed, ‘self judgment’ (beating up yourself) rarely leads to forwarding or motivating behaviors. As you review your results (successes and failures) of 2007, remember that they are simply your results. No more judgment, none.

Try a new approach this year. Use my “Coach Approach” (listed below) as a tool when reviewing your 2007 results and when creating your vision/goals for 2008. Some famous person once said, “People who fail to plan, plan to fail”. Create a solid plan for 2008 and then take committed  action for successful results. Let me know your thoughts and results, how this Coach Approach worked or didn’t work for you?  

~ Coach Rudy

The Coach Approach – Coaching Tips:

As your Coach, I ask you:

  • What was your vision, your goals for 2007? What did you intend to create in your life?
  • In review, how did you do? How did you end up… 50%, 80%, 100%  accomplishment or completion of your goal(s) ?
  • What was working ‘from you’ to create your results?
  • What was NOT working ‘from you’ to create your results?

Now here’s the next big questions to ask yourself for 2008:

  • So, what’s next? What is your new or continued vision / goals for 2008?
  • What will you do this year that you didn’t do or complete in 2007?
  • How important is it for you to complete this goal/vision? (1 – 10; 10= High). Anything less than an 8, 9 or 10 is not likely to produce successful results.
  • Do you have a plan charted out on a time-plan? “What by when”?
  • Do you have someone to support you along the way? Do you have an Accountability Buddy?

Let me know your thoughts and results, how this Coach Approach worked or didn’t work for you?   ~ Coach Rudy –