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Coach Rudy Rodriguez  Rudy RodriguezRudy Rodriguez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Intrinsic CoachTM. He has maintained a clinical practice in Asheville, NC since 1983 but has been working with ADHD issues since 1981.  Having adult ADHD himself, he has a very personal understanding as well as having clinical experience working with ADD/ADHD issues and challenges. Rudy has presented a variety of ADHD related seminars and workshops and provides coaching services to ADD/ADHD adults. Rudy is the founder of the ADHD Center for Success, to bring his skills and services to the ADD/ADHD ‘virtual’ community via the internet, informative articles, teleclasses, telegroups and coaching.

Contact info:  coachrudy@mindspring.com

meyers_ms_283.jpg  Shelly A Meyers – and her family reside in South Carolina where she is Instructor of Elementary Education at Limestone College. Shelly works with the Program for Alternative Learning Styles at the college where she also serves as an ADHD coach. She has also privately worked with students of all ages and learning needs including ADHD.

Currently, Shelly is working on her doctoral studies. Her dissertation topic is a program evaluation of a math program in the setting of a private school that serves only students with learning disabilities and ADHD. 

Contact info:  smeyers@limestone.edu

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